Consultative Cardiology...

Providing an integrative approach to the diagnostic evaluation of the cardiovascular system...


Cardiovascular Imaging...

Offering a full range of non-invasive diagnostic radiology services and diagnostic procedures...


Complete Vein Services...

Providing minimally invasive, treatment options for vein problems including varicose veins and other venous diseases...


Comprehensive Cardiology, Cardiovascular & Vein Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

dr-abadier-cardiology-citrus-countyCardiovascular Services, LLC of Citrus County, Florida offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment of diseases and disorders of veins and arteries including varicose veins. We offer all of our patients with cardiovascular disease or suspected cardiovascular disease access to the highest level of specialization and medical expertise in the region, seeing both self-referred and physician-referred patients.

Our practice also provides a wide range of services in Consultative and Preventive Cardiology including coronary risk management; hypertension and cholesterol management and treatment; non-invasive cardiac testing; diagnosis, management and treatment of cardiac rhythm abnormalities; and our practice specializes in treating all stages of vein disease including laser ablation, sclerotherapy for spider veins and phlebectomy. We look forward to serving you and your cardiovascular and vein care needs.

We proudly serve the community of Citrus County, Florida and its surrounding areas. At Cardiovascular Services, LLC, we believe you deserve state-of-the-art medical care, truly attentive personal care and care for you as a person, not just care for your disease or condition. We believe your cardiologist should be a partner in your medical care along with you and your other physician(s). Thank you for choosing our practice.

Cardiovascular Services, LLC, where "the best care for the heart, comes from the heart."


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Important Article: Association of Cardiorespiratory Fitness With Long-term Mortality Among Adults Undergoing Exercise Treadmill Testing (click for details)
From Nature Coast Clinical Research
We are pleased to announce the TOP 10 Principal Investigators for 2016. They are listed in order of their financial contributions to the company last year.

Special congratulations to the first four investigators listed below: they are the Jonas Salk Award recipients for 2016 (principal investigators whose studies generated revenue of $500,000 or more):

Michael Koren (Encore Research Group CEO, Medical Director of University and the Memorial Inpatient team)
Erin Doty (Medical Director of the JCCR Neurology Division)
Jackson Downey (Medical Director of Westside Center for Clinical Research)
Paul Hellstern (Principal Investigator, Gastroenterology Studies, NCCR Inverness Site)

Charles Cousar (Principal Investigator, Cardiovascular Surgery, River City Clinical Research)
Ralph Abadier (Medical Director, NCCR Inverness Site)
Mark Stich (Principal Investigator, Primary Care Studies, Westside Center for Clinical Research)
Jeffry Jacqmein (Principal Investigator, Primary Care Studies, JCCR University Site
Erich Schramm (Principal Investigator, Primary Care Studies, St. Johns Center for Clinical Research)
Steven Mathews (Principal Investigator, Rheumatology, Arthritis and Auto Immune Disease Studies, JCCR University Site)

We appreciate the efforts of all our investigators during 2016 – it was a challenging year and your support was no small part of our success! Your leadership and the contributions of our exceptional staff generated an annual return on investment of 10.6%/unit for our physician and employee owners.
Our holidays will be much better this year thanks to you and the great care you gave Robert last year in December and January. We are blessed that Dr. Summers called you. He was right, you are the best. Robert B. Dear Dr. Abadier, Lots of love and appreciation for helping me get my health back. You're incredible. Pat C.
Dear Dr. Abadier, Thank you, once again, for being there at my last stent exchange. We have lived in Citrus County over 30 years and know many people who have chosen you as their Doctor. We are proud of the man and Doctor you have been to many and, especially, to us. Blessings, Betty and Theodore S.